Butler & Peach Miniature Bronze French Bull Dog (2085)

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This little dog has become one of our most popular breeds in recent years.  Amazingly, 'Frenchies' are not actually from France, they are in fact descendants of the English Bull Dog.  This miniature version became popular with the lace makers of Nottingham and when they migrated to Normandy, they took them with them!  They became hugely fashionable and more recent years this lovable breed has become a bit of a celebrity.  Many owning their own Instagram pages with huge followings.
Height: 3cm x Width: 3cm x Depth: 1.5cm Weight: 24g

The Butler & Peach collection is a wonderful world of miniature highly detailed solid bronze sculptures. Each one is expertly crafted in wax, then cast and finished using traditional techniques of the bronze foundry. It is presented in a printed box and soft pouch with a collector's leaflet detailing the full collection.

Please click here to see the full collection of Butler & Peach miniature dogs.  There's a breed for every dog owner! 

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