Michael is fast becoming the leading wildlife sculptor of his generation. His work over the last 30 years has steadily become more collectable, and can be found both nationally and internationally.

He was born and bred in “The Potteries” as the region of Stoke on Trent is affectionately called. He studied fine art at Staffordshire Polytechnic and had the good fortune to be there when the ceramic companies were at their strongest, producing leading designs and world class artists and sculptors.

Michael’s flexibility is unusual. It is often the case that a sculptor can be talented designing animals but struggles with birds and even more so human form. He is genuinely able to work across all disciplines and in our experience this is a unique talent.

For inspiration he has gathered together a vast quantity of reference material, his studio walls being covered, which has a side benefit of making re-decoration a pointless exercise.  Often preferring to work in clay especially for the larger commissions, he is sometimes obliged for some of his smaller works to use his blend of waxes since only this material will give the fineness needed.

Michael loves working on several pieces at one time, usually choosing a mixture of large and small items which helps his eye tiredness. Some of his smaller pieces require a high quality magnifying head glass which is not too easy to work with because once you remove it vision is distorted.

We have had the privilege of working with Michael for many years, and hope for many more to come.


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