Butler & Peach Miniature Bronze Badger (2064)

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Badgers - love them, or hate them? They really do have a mixed press. But whatever your views - they’re charming characters being immortalised in Wind in the Willows, or more recently in Harry Potter books.

In nature they are quite bulky weighing in at 12kg. But don't be fooled by this, as these agile creatures can run as fast as 20 mph!

Height: 1.8cm x Width: 3.7cm x Depth: 2cm Weight: 28g

This appealing miniature badger by Butler & Peach is cast in pure foundry bronze. It is presented in a printed box and soft pouch with a collector's leaflet detailing the full collection.

Other woodland favourites, the Red Fox and Red Squirrel make excellent friends to the bumbling badger, why not buy all three! Click here to view the special Woodland Collectors Trio.  

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