Butler & Peach Miniature Bronze Beaver (2069)

Product Code: 2069



With their large front teeth, which are always growing, the busy British Beaver are ideally suited to the task of nature’s architects! These tenacious creatures cut trees down and make superb dams to protect against predators, all while making their den safely in the middle. These dams reduce the flow in the river and create a wetland area and are helpful in reducing the risk of flooding which has become such an issue in recent life.  They really are very helpful!

Height: 2.2cm x Width: 4cm x Depth: 1.5cm Weight: 26g

This miniature beaver sculpture by Butler & Peach is cast in pure foundry bronze. It is presented in a printed box and soft pouch with a collector's leaflet detailing the full collection.

Also found down by the river, the frog and the striking Kingfisher would make the perfect Riverside group. Please click here to view the special Riverside Collectors Trio.  

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